Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wonderfil - A sample

Have you ever tried 12 wt thread. This is from the Wonderfil Fruitti collection.  It's quite thick, but I was intrigued when I saw this at Country Curtains and Crafts yesterday.    It's a machine quilting thread, and at first, I thought this would never go through the self threading mechanism on the Brother sewing machine I was evaluating, but it did with no problem at all.  I put a simple sandwich together to try this heavy thread.  It definitely makes a statement of its own.   I would use this if I was doing a quick project with big all over quilting.  It definitely shows beautifully.    You should see the colors.... just to die for...   There is a lighter weight coming into the shop this week, and I'm really anxious to try it. 

(Note:   I used a Schmetz large eye needle - size 100/16.  I had one of these in a multipack of needles, and also these are the size of leather needles.)

By the way, are you going to Dianne and Holly's annual Christmas sale at the Heritage Center in Marysville?  It's being held tomorrow, Friday from 1pm - 8pm.   I hear there's going to be a great clear out section as well as great prices on Bali's and many other items.     See you there.


Linda said...

Thanks for the review. What size needle did you use?

Karen said...

So which Wonderfil Thread is this, Gail? Fruitti and Accent are both 12 wt. I pieced my current quilt with their Konfetti and REALLY like it. I think Wonderfil thread is terrific.

MissesStitches said...

Beautiful quilting and threads!