Saturday, November 20, 2010

Testing Applique on the Brother NX2000

I'm testing the size of the vine I'll use on the borders of the Nines and Vines.  And I'm also testing the stitching of the applique with invisible thread and deciding on which of the many specialty stitches I'll use on the Brother.

I decided to use my old Bias Bars to make a 3/8" vine.  So the pattern says to cut bias at 1-1/8" and sew a 1/8" seam with wrong sides together.  I wasn't sure how I was going to do that... Is there such a thing as an 1/8" foot?  After looking at a couple of the feet that came with the Brother, I noted red marks on the open foot.  Sure enough it's exactly 1/8" from the center.  I sewed my small seam...

I inserted the bias bar, rotated a bit so the seam is facing upward.   Then I press it down. Removed the bias bar, and pressed in a curve.   Now I'm ready to applique!

Oops, not quite yet.  Of the many styles of applique stitches, I had to chose which one I'd use.  I tested a few, and chose this fine stitch and practiced with white thread.  It's so hard to see the invisible thread :).  

Stitching down the vine with the invisible gave me good information.  I adjusted the tension so the white bobbin thread didn't poke up through.  I set the pivot function on, and started sewing.  Easy Peasy!!

With my sample done, and all the settings locked in the Brother's memory, I'm ready to stitch - tomorrow that is.  


Quilting Queen said...

looks good but I am still a hand appliquer...will be nice to see your nines and vines done...mine is in Alberta with our youngest.

Vivian said...

have fun with the new machine!
Love the photos of your grandkids ... very special, having triplets!