Thursday, November 18, 2010

Time for a new Thinkpad

It's time for a new laptop and I spent some time doing research on the weekend.  I had intended to wait for some good Christmas sales, but I got all excited when I was doing the research.  I couldn't wait.  I placed my order on Monday morning and received it yesterday by courier. 

It's so nice and new.  It's a Thinkpad.  I compared similar models from the local stores, and for the same money, I chose my favorite brand of laptop, again. It's got much larger hard drive and 3 years warranty which I like.      So while I should be starting to work on the borders for my nines and vines quilt, I'm distracted.   

I forgot all the little things you need when setting up a new computer.  Looking for printer drivers, re-installing sewing machine and quilting software, setting up Itunes, etc, installing anti-virus, doing a backup, making recovery disks etc.   It's amazing how the time passes when you're tinkering with all the utilities.   I'll get back to the sewing on the weekend.

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