Sunday, October 16, 2011

Marking the Border

This is the first time I've ever marked a quilt.  It has to be marked and ready to go on the quilt frame at the church by Wednesday afternoon.    I have some templates in my stash.  I have no idea where I got them.  When looking through them, I found this rope template.  It fit the border of St. Anthony's quilt perfectly.  Using my FriXion pen (which I love), I started to mark....what the heck.  If it didn't work out, I could iron off the marks.  This was an easy template to adjust if it doesn't quite work out. I liked using it.  It took 1 hour to mark.    Whew, the borders are done.  Next... the sixteen large white squares.  I'll start on that tomorrow.

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Donna's chitchat said...

I think those templates were moms... could that be possible...

I love the rope design.