Monday, October 17, 2011

Grampie's Favorite Cookies

I've been making these cookies for years.  The recipe makes 25 perfectly sized cookies.  I fill my large cookie sheet once, and the cookies are baked quickly.   I love that I don't have to use a separate cookie sheet to put 10 or so cookies on.  

 I use my truffle sized ice cream scoop.  These cookies are sorta healthy because they use a bit of All-bran.  Sometimes I throw a handful of chocolate chips in so does that counter the bran, and maybe they are not that healthy.  :)   If you ask all my kiddos, what is Grampie's favorite cookes, they know exactly which ones they are.   In my recipe book, they are known as Bran Cookies.   
So, Grampie loves oatmeal cookies... but I don't have a nice small recipe, that makes aboaut 25 cookies.  The recipe I have spread too much and I can only fit about 16 cookies on a sheet.   I would love to have a great Oatmeal cookie recipe that makes 25 cookies that don't flatten out too much.   Got one to share?   

Here is my recipe if you happen to have All-Bran in your pantry.   

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Donna's chitchat said...

Nicely typed, I might add.. how funny is that to see "typewriter" typing.. for real, not just a "typewriter font". Baaaahhhhaaaa you typed your recipes... oh my... for some reason I find that so funny!

Ok, seriously, I have a lovely oatmeal cookie recipe.. and it makes 25 nice cookies. I will email it to you. I will have to TYPE it into my computer because my ole favorite recipes are hand written in my recipe book... baaahhhhhaaaa I know.. weird, but I just find it so funny... whats wrong with me!!! baaaahaaaa