Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Few of my Favorite things - From Amherst

Was it Julie Andrews who sang "A few of my favorite things"?   Well, here are a few of my favorite things that I bought in Amherst last week while visiting the Fibre Festival.   

The Fibre Walk took us on a search of art pieces in many of the businesses around Amherst.  Near one of the Fibre Art window displays, we found a fabulous consignment center and look what I found.  Beautiful long white gloves.  I knew right away, these would be a perfect complement for Jessica's corpse bride costume.

I love the stories of the bees that Karen and her hubby raise, and work.  She has fabulous stories of catching swarms, moving the hives to places where they can do their bee work.  And of course managing the bees day to day are great stories in itself.    And where there's bees, they're honey.  It was the first thing I did when I got to Amherst.  I found the Fibre Festival headquarters and bought up some of that honey to bring home to the kiddos.    
I also knew ahead of time, I would pick up some of Karen's local bees wax for hand quilting.  They say that if you run your thread along the side of the bees wax, it will reduce the tangles in the thread.  Well we're going to try it out this year when we start up hand-quilting at St. Anthony's... - that would be today!!

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Karen said...

Oh those gloves are so cool. Good eye, Gail. I hope you enjoy the honey, thanks for your purchase. Although I don't get much opportunity (time) to hand quilt, I use the beeswax when I stitch down the bindings on my quilts too. It really works. Let me know how the quilters like it; I love the smell.