Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thanks to the kindness of the Elm City Quilt Guild Girls

On our way to a baby shower today, we dropped into the Elm City Quilt guild fabric yard sale.   Grace and I were browsing and it all started with one of the quilters who had a "freebee" bucket of remnant ends.   We were chatting a bit with this quilter,  and she invited Grace to take something from the freebee bucket.   See, Grace is such a kind hearted girl.  She loves to make things with  me, to give to the SPCA.   So Grace took some nice blue fleece.  You might recall last month, we used up some buckwheat to make magic heat bags and covers for the kittens at the SPCA. 

Grace wasn't sure what we would make with her new bit of fabric , but she would think of something.

Well, we didn't intend it, but as we made our rounds from table to table, and everyone would make a comment about the fabric bundles that Grace was carrying...When they heard what Grace was going to use the fabric for, everyone was quick to donate some more fabric for Grace's cause.   It just warms my heart when people are kind... just like Grace is kind to the animals,  the Elm City quilters were kind to Grace.  

We left with our bundle of goodies, and went on to the baby shower.  We really enjoyed the baby shower and meeting up with lots of cousins and to have a nice chat with Jana, the mom to be.  After the shower, we left to come home with our fabric goodies and Grace started to sort the fabrics and decide what we should make.
So in an hour, here's what we made far.
  • 4 doggie neckerchiefs.  Grace says there's mostly big dogs at the SPCA.  When they wear these kerchiefs, they will look especially handsome when somebody comes to adopt them.  Grace is modeling the dog kerchiefs here. 
  • 3 small fleece kitten sleeping mats - if you know cats, you know they love small fleece blankets.  Grace says there were 7 kittens at the SPCA last time she was there.
  • 1 small  blue fleece puppy blanket - Grace said that there's a dog at the SPCA that needs to have skin tags removed, that this would be a nice comforting blanket for him.
  • 1 small fleece tote bag to carry toys in.  Grace thinks she will keep that bag for herself to tote around her two favorite stuffies, Pete and Shelly.

Thanks Elm City Girls.  Your kindness was remarkable and Grace was so impressed that "quilters" are so nice to give her the fabric for the SPCA.


Dolores said...

You two certainly don't waste any time. Good for Grace and those generous quilters.

Joanne said...

So kind and thoughtful!