Monday, October 3, 2011

A NO Sew Weekend - sorta.

A bunch of us travel friends met up in Moncton to have dinner at the home of one of the couples that travel with us.  They are of Vietnamese heritage but came to Canada in the seventies.    So it was a last minute idea that we should all get together at their place to discuss some future travel options....  So off we went.

They cooked us a wonderful Asian meal and while we ate the home cooked dishes, we learned about the dishes we ate.     I just can't name them all but it was so fun and delicious to eat.     They also had accommodations for us all to stay the night so we wouldn't have a long drive home after a big meal and evening of talking,  (and singing as it turns out).    And that brings us to breakfast.    Vietnamese continental breakfast.  That was so fun. 

It was a totally awesome time we had. 

While I didn't do much work in my sewing room this weekend, I did do a bit of hand stitching in the car while travelling.  I completed this little Snow Angel from my Winter Wonderland project.

I think I'm down to two blocks now... The big one with the Winter Wonderland words on it, and one with a small poem on it.   
I'm going to concentrate the next little while and work on the big one.

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