Sunday, October 30, 2011

Still waiting for Baby Jack

How lucky for me that Baby Jack is not here yet.  While we have been waiting, my sister and Mom-to-be Michelle have been helping me with a big fusible project. I had no idea how much work this project is... and how important it is to be organized.  It's so big for me, it's overwhelming.   I now realize that it was meant to be... three heads are better than one. 
The three of us worked three full afternoons to get me this far.    The fun multi-part different colored shapes had to be traced onto the lightweight fusible, then the centers cut out of the fusible.  (so it would not be stiff).  After that we spread a variety of fun colored fabric out and ironed all the fusible shapes down.  I'm sure there were over 150 shapes.   Then it was time to cut out all the shapes and sort.  Then layout the placement plan according to the pattern instructions, while considering color placement....   Whew, time for a cup of tea and a brownie.

I'm now all organized and ready for the next steps of this project, and I can take it from here.     
Because it's a big project and I have other things that I'm working on at the same time, I'm going to work on this one and report on it every week.  My plan is to have it done in 6 weeks.  

Watch for a Week 1 report in just over a week!


Quilt n Queen said...

Looks like a HUGH will be gorgeous when it is done...what fun colors. My grandson was due May son and DDIL moved into their new home on May 1...who would have thought with all the excitment and work he would wait till Friday May 13 to join us.....have a wonderful week...looking forward to your weekly report on your new project! Pauline

dp said...

The absolute funnest way to wait for Baby Jack was to make flowers with you! We can't wait for the quilt progress pictures.!