Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Polka Dot Birdhouse

Gail with Don Miller of Bent Cottage Creations
The very last stop while in Amherst, was the open house of Bent Cottage Creations.   We heard that our little visit would be special.  And it was.  The birdhouses were made by Don Miller out of reclaimed wood and other recycled things.   It would have taken a couple of hours to inspect all the quirky details of each one but each was very unique.  I bought a sweet birdhouse, that appears to have polka dots on it, but they are actually slices of a tree.  Don says these birdhouses are intended for the outdoors, but this one will sit in my house to enjoy for the winter.  I may put it outside in the spring. We'll see.  Have a look at some of his other bird houses.  They're all so nice.
Halloween Birdhouses - Yes, they're functional.
All made out of reclaimed wood.
Some have a real rustic look.  


Dolores said...

What great looking birdhouses. Recycling new and old wood makes good sense. The polka dot one is unusual.

Julia said...

I love Dh made me a few.
These are lovely and special that they are all from recycled wood.
Julia ♥

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed our visit!
My next open house is April 7th.
Thanks for your kind words.
Don Miller