Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Do you Swatch?

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  I can't believe how quick Christmas has come and gone.  Seems we spend so long preparing for the big day, then poof, it's over. 
Well, I'm excited to start knitting on my Rococo Wrap in the evenings...   I opted to use brown Fisherman weight wool instead of  my stash Briggs and Little Wool.  I like the brown color, and I love how this wool is so soft.   I read a comment on Ravelry, that one knitter used a Cable Cast On for this wrap because of the large amount of stitches that needs to be cast on.   Hmm... I've never used that type of cast on.  I'll have to practice..

Then I wondered if a swatch was necessary.... it's a lose fitting wrap..... is a swatch really necessary?   Well I decided to knit one up last night, and after measuring, it was the right length, but not wide enough....   Since this wrap is 70 inches long, I'm afraid that my wrap might be too short by 7 or 8 inches..... So I'm glad I made the swatch and I guess this evening, I'll make another using needles a size larger and I can practice a bit more using the Cable Cast On method.

I'm loving having my Boye needlemaster set... so easy to switch out needle sizes.


dp said...

I love the colour... looks soft too.. nice wool choice...

Silly Goose said...

absolutely I do a swatch. Such a little amount of effort to stop a massive amount of grief later on - each yarn knits differently, each knitter knits differently!