Thursday, December 1, 2011

More Posy Wallets

Last week, while doing a bit of procrastinating, I cut up a bunch of small remnants of fabric into Posy Wallet Kits.   It's a cute pattern that I found in the Art to Heart - Sew Necessities book and I made some last spring.  It's the nicest little case for carrying all my hand quilting do-dads.   It's not so simple, but no so complicated either.  
I needed give some to a friend, so I finished up seven of the many many kits that I cut.  And I have a couple in my stash if I need a quick gift.

So the good news here is that I got rid of lots of the small pieces of fabric in my stash.  

More good news is, is that I got over my procrastination, and I'm moving along nicely on my lollipop quilt again.

And even more good news, is that if I feel the need for a short break on the lollipop quilt again, I have at least a dozen Posy Wallet kits ready to sew up.  When I need a break I can just take out a few kits, and sew them up.   

Now, I need to get back to the Lollipop quilt!!


Anonymous said...

It was nice to chat with you today. I am looking forward to the finished lollipop quilt.


dp said...

so cute..... I love those... maybe I will get one as a Xmas gift this year....

Quilting Queen said...

busy, busy, put me to shame...I've a little lazy..

Wendy said...

Gail, I love your little wallets and hope mine will look as nice. I'm just starting on mine and was wondering if I need to add interface or something stiff between the layers of fabric and batting to give it a bit of "body". Did you add anything? Maybe I'm fussing over nothing.