Sunday, December 11, 2011

Preparing to do new projects

Grace sorts out my paper piecing parts for Winter Critters
While our grandson Mitchell is out advancing in a hockey tournament early this morning, the Caitlin and Grace, who spent the night here, were helping me doing some preparations for new sewing projects.

I love it that they are good tracers and understand things like paper piecing.  They get to do lots of prep work for me now and that helps keep me organized.  

Before I start working on my next big project, which is the St. Dunstan's Raffle quilt, I'm going to do a couple of smaller projects.      The first is a paper piecing project called Winter Critters.  It was in the latest Quiltmaker magazine.  It's really cute and caught my eye as soon as I opened the magazine.

Caitlin traces the Holy Family pattern for me.
Caitlin is tracing the Holy Family wall hanging pattern for me.  We had lots of people do this in our guild, and I have some beautiful batiks, so this is on my to-do list too.  It may not get done for this Christmas, but I'm preparing everything I need in a kit so when I get a day with nothing to do, it'll be all prepared easy to pick up and do.

This afternoon, we're all going to watch Mitchell play hockey since he's in the Finals of his tournament.  

Yeahhh, Go Team Go!!!


Joanne said...

Lucky you to have such wonderful helpers.

Dolores said...

Wish I had a couple of helpers. I wonder if they will be quilters when they grow up.

Dolores said...

Me again. The Holy Family wall hanging pattern - who designed it or where is the pattern from?