Saturday, December 24, 2011

A fun gift - all the way from Korea

My niece saw that I had pinned this great knitted shawl on Pinterest.  It didn't have a name...  I was so surprised yesterday when I received a gift notification from Ravelry.   It was from my niece Stephanie, who is an elementary English teacher in Korea.  I was so excited to get this Rococo Wrap pattern as a gift from her, I immediately started to read through the requirements and gather all the things I needed to start this project.

The first thing I read was that I needed a 36" circular needle... Hmm where would I get that?... then it hit me, that I had a Boye Needlemaster kit that I've never even opened  yet.   Yep... I can string 3 plastic extensions together to make a long circular... And I had this light "Fundy Fog" Briggs & Little Regal yarn in my stash... 

Wow, I love it when a plan comes together. 

So, over the holidays, I'll knit up a swatch and then gear up to start this great showy shawl.. 

Thanks for the great gift Stef.. and Merry Christmas in Korea!!


dp said...

its a beautiful gift... and a beautiful shawl... I might try it too.. well, I will think about it... and then we will see.

SBD said...

What a wonderful gift to receive, I too love the excitement of yarn/needles and a wonderful pattern. I think Santa has left some yarn in my stocking, can't wait. Merry Christmas!

cpm said...

What a thoughtful gift! Can't wait to see your creation! The shawl will certainly be beautiful!