Thursday, December 8, 2011

St. Anthony's Quilt - End of November update

It's slow going.  My side of the quilt now has the border done.  I quilted up around the corner, and we rolled the quilt under today (after this picture was taken).  We love the rolling of the quilt because it looks smaller on the frame and it gives us new energy to quilt in a different part.  The other side of the quilt had a roll a couple of weeks ago.
Even though we feel it's going slow, we don't care.  We enjoy our stitching time together.  Somebody always has a story to tell... and we've eaten home made Christmas cookies and fruitcake at our tea break... Yesterday was especially nice.   The Choir, who practices in the choir loft on Wednesday afternoons, while we quilt in the downstairs crying room, sang/practiced beautiful Christmas hymns.  We, the quilters, joined in singing hymns while stitching around the frame.   It was nice.   

Since everyone is getting busy for the holidays, we decided we would take a break until after the New Year.  


Anonymous said...

Nothing like hand quilting! What fun to spend time with fellow quilters especially during this holiday season. Can't wait to see the quilt completed. Lucy

Dolores said...

Tonight is our last night of quilting before the holidays too. We listen to a radio station that plays oldies while we quilt and sometimes we have been known to sing along. Since there are only three of us, we have a small gift exchange and delicious goodies with our coffee.
We too enjoy the turning of the quilt - especially now since it is such a big quilt.

Joanne said...

It is looking beautiful and sounds like such a wonderful time.

Colleen G said...

Progress is progress however slow it may seem. I love the idea of being serenaded and for joining in. While there lots of CHristmas music on the radio, which I try to duck by listening to CBC, there aren't enough opportunities to sing along especially the old favourites.

Mary said...

Hand quilting is another thing I'd like to do more of. I just don't seem to find the time. How lovely to stitch with a group.

I love your swirl stitching on the prevus quilt too.