Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Rocco Shawl

I finished my Rocco Shawl today and have all the ends woven in.   What got my needles clicking so fast to finish it, was that my friend, Donna C. gave me an unexpected gift yesterday!!   It is a Shawl Pin.   She bought at her local yarn boutique in Bathurst, NB  and  I love it.    It's dark brown and I will have to research ways on how to wear my shawl and pin it closed so that it shows off the pin.  It's hard to see in this picture, but look closely, you'll find it. 

Many thanks Donna for the pin.  Your timing was perfect.  And also thanks to my niece Stephanie for the gift of the pattern.  It's been so fun to get back into knitting in the past few weeks..... Now I'm thinking... what will I knit next!!

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dp said...

Its very pretty. I didn't see this blog come up so I missed it totally. Then when you wrote about making another one.. I thought it was weird that you didn't post your finished one! I guess its been a busy week....

do you love it?