Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm Hooked on Hook Feathers

I think I first saw these Sally Terry hook feathers when I read about her classes at Maine Quilts 2011 last summer.   I thought they were so nice, and didn't quite understand the hook.  I googled her and found that she has a  book and I saw her demonstrating her unique feathers in a video.  I can't seem to find the video right now to share with you.     Well, I think I forgot about these hook feathers until recently.  They came to mind when I was deciding how I would quilt my half square triangle practice piece......  I did a little 2 minute sample and they were easier than I thought....  It took less than an hour to quilt up this runner. 

When I go to the USA next month, I'll see if I can find her book.   These feathers are everything she says they are... quick, easy, and no backtracking.   I'm dying to see all the feather formats that are in her book besides these ones.


Sandra said...

Gail, You can find this book on isbn#9781574329735
hope this helps!

Joanne said...

Great feathers!!!
I have that book and really like it. Bought it from here -