Sunday, January 8, 2012

A New Sizzix fabric cutter

I have a new fabric cutter.   It's a Sizzix that came from Michaels.   See, a couple of months ago, even though I had no cutter, I won a half square quilting die from a B.C. quilt shop blog give-away (Thanks Stitchintheditch).   I've been looking at the Accuquilt and the Sizzix cutters, trying to see the difference between the two.   I stumbled across this video by Patsy Thompson and loved her explanation of the Sizzix machine and decided to go that route.      

So with my friend nearby for confidence (thanks Kathy), we cut out some half square triangles.  They were a cinch to cut out... in about 10 seconds flat.  

The next thing was, how easy were they to sew together.  Half square triangles have been known to be tricky because one of the edges is a bias edge.... (Thanks for the warning Linda H.)

Since we cut two fabrics together, the triangles were layered together, I made sure to sew using my Pfaff with the walking foot.  The pairs were very easy to sew together and they came out perfectly.  I sewed all my half square samples together with ease. (Now I'm wishing I used nicer fabrics.)

Just the same, I sewed my pieced sample half square together in a pattern that Anne V. designed for a guild project last month.   Check out hers at the bottom of this FQG blog page,  hers was smaller triangles and much nicer seasonal colors.

My prototype sample is now layered and pinned.   I will finish this little project by machine quilting using a new feather technique that I saw a while back.    

Stay tuned to see my finished project in a couple of days.

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