Thursday, January 5, 2012

Knitting my Rococo Shawl

I love knitting on my new project in the evenings.  It's the Rococo Shawl pattern that my niece gave me for Christmas.   When I started last week, the thought of casting on 432 stitches and knitting a dozen rows was a little intimidating.  But I got through it, and now that I'm on the main part of the shawl, I'm only dealing with half that amount of stitches.  I have the ruffle border done, and one of 7 repeats of the pattern.   The repeat is only 12 rows, so a repeat can be easily knit in an evening or two  The pattern is starting to emerge and it's so nice.   

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Kathy said...

Sarah would be so proud of you Gail!!
We enjoyed our visit and now she is weaving.