Sunday, January 1, 2012

St. Dunstan's Log Cabin 42 of 120 blocks done.

Happy New Year everyone.  A quiet icy but almost mild day in Freddy Beach.  Couldn't do our healthy walk today because the Willie Rink is closed, and it's so icy out, I know I'd fall and break my neck.  So today will be a knitting and sewing day.

Progress on my St. Dunstan's Log Cabin is good.  I have 42 of 120 blocks done.  I'm loving Marti Michel's technique of pre-cutting all the logs.  

I know now that sewing 16 blocks takes me about two and a half hours.  I can't sew for that long so I usually sit down to sew them in two sessions.    I need to do 5 more sets of 16 and then all the blocks will be done.   Then I'll need a day to do the layout and sew them together. 

My goal is to have the top it done by Monday, Jan 16th so that I can take to my guilds show and tell on the 16th and 17th. 

 It looks like a quiet week ahead so I should meet my goal comfortably.

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