Tuesday, November 26, 2013

An Unexpected act of Kindness

Grace wasn't feeling well today, so she didn't go to school.  Her mama dropped her off early, and she spent the morning under a cozy blanket on my couch and slept off her nausea.   This afternoon, I had a meeting with other local guild leaders today at the second cup so since Grace was feeling a bit better, she joined me for my meeting.

While we four girls were busy discussing works of our guilds, a man at the next table was busy writing on a napkin.   When he was done his coffee, he pointed at Grace, then pointed at his napkin.  Grace went over to his table, under our 4 pairs of watchful eyes, to see what he had.

He had drawn this beautiful deer, and signed it TV 13.   Through some quick investigative work at the Second Cup, we know his last name is Vickers.    How lucky...  Grace is going to save it forever.  

If you recall, Grace is an animal lover.    She normally goes for cats first, then dogs and horses.  But she thinks deer are nice too.


Linda H said...

Wow! Lucky Grace!

Kathy said...

Awe, nice story!

Sandra said...

What a nice gesture from Mr.Vickers. Hopefully, especially at this time of year, he will get to see lots of other examples of people making random acts of kindness.