Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Trim the Tree

We're back from our cruise holiday.   It's good to be home but this cold weather sure was a surprise.  It's only been two days, and we feel that the jetlag is behind us  We're getting back to eating single course meals and multi-grain bread.  I won't disclose the amount of weight gain, but just know, that we are hard at work to get things back to normal.

It was nice to get back into my sewing room and while I'm not quite sewing yet, I am organizing and making lists of things I need to do and prioritizing them.  Sewing will start tomorrow, maybe.     Just since we are back, its dawned on me that Christmas is right around the corner and I have a couple of things that really need to get done before we head south, which is right after Christmas.  So, an organized approach is what is needed to get myself geared up to meet all my deadlines.

I'll show you a little project that I did make some progress on while away. I took this little "Trim the Tree" stitchery with me to finish.  Last year, I was so excited when I saw that Country Crafts and Curtains had the pattern in stock and I started it right away when I got it.   But soon after, it sat half done on the coffee table for a couple of months.   So I thought it was a perfect project for me to take with me to work on in the airports etc.  

I did find time to do about 1 needle a day, and by about day nine on our trip, it was done.   I snapped this picture as I threaded my last needle full of thread.  There was only a few twigs left to do.  I was pretty happy it was almost done.

So that means somewhere half way new my to-do list, will be to finish off this in time for Christmas.  

It is intended as a pillow cover, but I think I will make into a little wall hanging but still using the scalloped border that the pattern calls for.  I just love the sweet snowmen.

I'll show you when it's done.


Linda H said...

Welcome home!! Sweet stitching!
I'm not too crazy about this colder weather either.... :(

MissesStitches said...

This stitchery is beautiful! And whimsical at the same time. Love it.