Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hot Potato

I'm feeling great about spending some quality time with my sewing machines this week.   I've not done much since about the first of October when we started our kitchen renovations, then went away on vacation.  Since the weekend, I've got a good start on my church raffle quilt, I've hemmed two pair of pants for a friend who lives in a seniors home, and I've made some Christmas table cloths for the Stan Cassidy Center.    In addition to this, I've attended two guild meetings, and I'm feeling like I'm right back in the swing of things.

Yesterday, I was at Country Crafts and Curtains quilt shop. I picked up some Warm Tater batting to make the microwave potato pouches.  This special batting is made with no resins or glues that might catch fire if used in a microwave.   When making this, in addition to the 100% cotton batting, you need to use 100 cotton fabric, and 100 cotton thread.  When you buy the batting, the microwave potato bag pattern and cooking instructions are on the paper that comes with the batting.

This morning, I made a bag.  I'm calling this first potato pouch a prototype.  That is because when I did the fold, I did it differently than what I was supposed to do.  Grrr..  So this potato pouch will be ours and we will test it out tonight.

They say this bag makes the best baked potato that you will ever have.    Have you tried them?  

I have 3 more cut out, and when I make these next ones, I will make them a bit different.   They will be nicer and will be for our guilds silent auction of crafty items next month.

Also, did you check out my friend Linda's blog.  She put a pattern/tutorial for a little teabag tote.  I think I'll make a couple of those for the crafty silent auction too.  


Linda H said...

Gail, thanks for adding the link to my first tut!! I have another one just about ready to post- hopefully tomorrow- for an easy way to finish placemats!

Anonymous said...

I have made one of the tater microwave bags and must confess I, too, sewed the top of the bag incorrectly. I used the bag once but didn't find much difference in the potatoes. I should try it again in case I missed something! Lucy

Kathy said...

We use our potato bag almost every time we have potatoes, so average probably 3x/week. Used mainly for speed! I don't find they are the best baked potatoes( nothing can beT an oven baked potato skin and potato for me), but they are very acceptable and we clean the skin well so it can be eaten too. Enjoy the efficiency!