Friday, November 15, 2013

St. Dunstan's 2014 Raffle Quilt - Week 1 of 5

St. Dunstan's 2014 raffle quilt is a simple quilt.   The members of the hand-quilting group want to do something simple, with straight line quilting this time.    When they saw this 1930's nine-patch, they all thought it was classic, and quickly decided that this would be the one.   

Now that my holiday is over, I need to get cracking to make this quilt for them.   Since I'm going away right after Christmas, this top needs to be done and delivered on December 19th, their last day of quilting before Christmas. They will only start quilting on it in February.  

I'm breaking up this project into small chucks and will complete them over the next five weeks.   This way, I can work on other projects without feeling like I should be working exclusively on the church quilt.    It's a strategy that works well for me.  

So, this first week, I will work on making 99 nine-patches.   These nine patches are not the light/dark variety.  They are just varied fabrics with no plan for contrast.    

Today, I cut 120 half-wof strips and I'm ready to put in a few of hours of strip sewing and ironing this weekend.  

A stretch target for me might be to sub-cut them into the 2.5" segments.   

Check back next Friday, to see where I'm at.   

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have a strategy. I'm still finding one.