Thursday, November 21, 2013

It's Fruitcake Day

I love Fruitcake.    I should say I love home made fruitcake.   Last year I made fruitcake with Linda H.   It was delicious.   We were eating fruitcake well into the spring of last year.   Such a treat. Her beautiful layered recipe made three loaf pans.   It was fun to make it with her.

When I say we, I mean it.
Mert is good at chopping all the fruit.
This year, I'm way behind.  Since we are heading south right after Christmas, I considered not making any this year.  But it nagged me and I decided this past Tuesday, that I'd make just the one.  The dark one.   I picked up all the ingredients at our local Scoop and Save, and today is the day we make it.   What we don't eat at Christmas time, we will take south with us for a treat.

The recipe is my old favorite from the Daily Gleaner newspaper from 1994.  The recipe is here if you are interested.

Can you believe that newspaper clipping  is 19 years old.

The worst part about making fruitcake is
lining this Angel cake pan with parchment and shortening.
Maybe Santa will bring me a straight side fruitcake pan!

Ahh, it took us 40 minutes preparation.  But it's in the
oven now.   Now I feel better!

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