Wednesday, December 11, 2013

DIY - Key Holder using an old wooden frame

I saw a picture on Pinerest months ago and the idea to use an old frame was here.

After finishing our kitchen painting this fall, I did not hang back up an old key holder that held our less frequently used keys.    But those keys still need a home.    I came across a small frame recently that was perfect for this little diy project.    I threw out the artwork, and the glass from the frame.   All that is required is the wooden frame with a hanger on the back.   I bought a package of 7/8" screw in cup hooks.   Measured carefully to space them evenly, and in 10 minutes, we had our new key holder up on the wall.  

And here you have it, our keys in the downstairs entryway.

Cute idea, eh?


Anonymous said...

Yet another great idea Gail. Don't you just enjoy seeing all the different ideas on Pinterest! Lucy

Anonymous said...

Very cute!