Sunday, December 8, 2013

Gingerbread Making 2014

 When the kids came today to make our Christmas Gingerbread, I was all ready.  The giant batch of dough was made yesterday, divided into four rounds and was cooling overnight in the fridge.  The 8 bags of colored royal icing always looks so good before the kiddos get their hands on it.  The sprinkles, sparkles and other cookie decoration were available just in case the icing was not enough.

 I just love this day with the kids. Have a look at lots of pictures from the day.

How fun.  The  cookie cutting is well under way


Unknown said...

I love all their creatives but I love "them" even more. What a great day… your a pretty lucky Grammie.

Lee said...

I'm trying to picture the impatience between baking, cooling....and then, decorating! Did that cooling step feel like hours? tee hee Fun, fun, fun!

Anonymous said...

The kids look forward to that every year (even Mitchell), lol. Thanks Grammie!!