Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A visit with Caitlin and Grace

The girls were over for a sleep-over visit over on the weekend while Mitchell was away playing in a hockey tournament in Moncton.    

We got right into a beading project.  Poor little Grace, on the right, had a case of the A.D.D.s.  I had fun teasing her.   She could not work on the beading for even a minute and she had ants in her pants.   She has the irresistible need to sing and dance.

Later on, we watched a couple of movies before tucking them in for the night.  In the morning after a breakfast of waffle sticks and syrup,  I had them help me lay out a quilt.  
This is something that Caitlin and Grace are good at.   But even this got to be too much for them.   Hmmm  I think these little girls are growing up too fast.   

From our trip to Europe last month, I did bring back supplies to make Venetian masks with the kids.  Even though the masks are not decorated, Caitlin and Grace were just having too much fun acting anonymous.     I know you can see Grace's big smile, but can you see the big smile on Caitlin.   It's difficult to see, but her eyes tell the story.  teehee

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Kathy said...

I wonder who has more fun when the kids are there? You or the kids?