Thursday, December 12, 2013

Presenting: A Vintage Nine-Patch

It's all freshly ironed and and folded to hang over my railing.  It's called "A Vintage Nine-Patch".   St. Dunstan's 2014 raffle quilt is done, and ready to deliver.

The vintage quilts used to be made out of re-purposed cloth and favor was not given to pattern or color matching.  Utility and function was the name of the game in the old days.     It's charming, don't you think?

The label was stitched in a blue thread to match the setting triangles and bias binding is all made and freshly ironed and it's hanging along the right side.   It's a darker shade of blue and should frame the quilt quite nicely.  After Christmas, this quilt will be hand quilted by the St. Dunstan's quilters with straight lines for an authentic look. 

Since they know I'm delivering this quilt to them today, the quilters have invited me to a Christmas Mass followed by a luncheon.   For me, such a nice way to hand over the quilt.  


Colleen G said...

Once again, a lovely job and something that should be a pleasure to quilt for the ladies as well as a good fund raising effort. They must be so appreciative of your work.

Linda H said...

Lovely Gail! The ladies will be thrilled today with your quilt top.

Anonymous said...

Very nice Gail. A lovely manner in which to deliver the quilt. I am certain the ladies at St. Dunstan's are very thankful to receive such a beautiful work of art. It is certain to be a great fund raising item. Lucy

MissesStitches said...

Wonderful! I love the vintage look of the 9-patches.