Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ugly but Tasty Cookies

You might think that the kids are helping me make cookies today.  But no, it's just me.   I thought I would try to make some of those old fashion oatmeal date filled cookies.  I've bought them in stores, and I remember that my late sister-in-law Zelda used to make them.  My husband and her husband who are brothers, used to rave over them.

Well here's what I tried.... Using the recipe below out of an older Purity cookbook, I tried making square oatmeal cookies, then putting a dollop of date filling in the center, then another square on top.  They were just too big and thick.  
Next, I decided I would cut out rounds, put a dollop of filling and pinch them up on three sides to make sort of a thumbprint cookie.   That didn't work, so I thought I'd use up the bits of rolled dough in the centers of the thumbprint style cookies.  It's just keeps getting worse and worse.     Ha ha... when I look at this picture, I just can't believe how ugly they are.  

These cookies never got the raves that Zelda's got, but you know, they are all gone now.  So they tested a lot better than they looked.    

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Lee said...

hahaha...I have been through the same thing! You missed my last batch that took me hours to get rolled out - I think I didn't have enough water in the dough - so they were tough and too dense. However, I did follow a hint I read and rolled them out on parchment paper. That was much better than trying to scrape them off the counter. Try that next time.

I'm going to have to forget my screw-up before I try them again. I do love them but don't want to work that hard!