Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Little Fox

It was this time last year that I made these little fox scarves for the kiddos.   I thought how fun they are with the little legs dangling etc.   Here is Aurora modelling the fun fox, but she just did not get it!! It was just weird to her... haha..

Of course young kids will not really get the fun of it because they would not remember the old days when women wore fox stoles.   But just the same, I had fun making them.

Well this year again, we are talking foxes.    A real one who has found a special sunny spot in our back yard.  He has been around for a few weeks now, but only on sunny days.  

Aurora says her kitty cat is like the little fox who just loves the sunshine on a cold day.  Cute eh!


Donna Peters said...

Don't you feel blessed when you are part of a little wild animal's life. Adorable. Don't feed it though… just enjoy it every day he's there...

MissesStitches said...

Your fox "stoles" are adorable! We have one that belonged to my MIL way back when.