Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I am a Skinny Quilter

I was so surprized to get this little package in the mail today. It is from my sister's friend, Paula. See... last week, I helped do some embroidery on a banner that Paula is making for a trip that she is taking later this week. Paula sent a picture of the finished banner, and it is sweet... but we can't show it because she's going to enter it into the banner contest, and we don't want anyone to get sneek peek!!! But I certainly didn't expect to get such a sweet thank-you package in the mail.
I know that my sister told her I was a quilter, and do you see the sweet little candy can... it has a picture of a quilter on it. And it looks just like me... A skinny quilter!!! Many thanks Paula, it made my day to get this little unexpected gift in the mail. Happy trails and good luck in the banner contest!

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Unknown said...

Paula gave me a "Knitting Tin" as a little thank you too. Yummy mints and absolutely sweet little tin and linen bag!