Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ladybug and Firefly and my Crazy Quilting Needlecase

I find myself with NO sewing machine today. It started acting up a few days ago and finally yesterday, it started bending needles on me. So into the shop it went this morning. Now, there's a big white space on my sewing table, and it seems so bare. I can think of a dozen things that I should sew - now - if I had my machine....

So, I'm taking to finishing a few little things, that I had started, and only needed a few hand finishes.

This is a needle case I made just for my crazy quilting class. The sides fold in and it folds up to a nice neat triangle. In it , I have my specialty needs that will be used for my crazy quilting class which starts next week.

The case is also small enough to put my stork scissors for clipping threads.. and I am also keeping my spider charm in it for save keeping. There is a tutorial here to make this little needle case.

When I brought my Pfaff in to the shop this morning, I took my half stitched ladybug with me and asked if I could use a showroom machine just to finish stitching. Well here she is along with her friend... the blue-eyed firefly. Aren't they sweet. I sent a ladybug and a bee to Aunt Mae who makes craft things for their bazzar. I didn't tell her what it was... It's a surprise for her.


Anonymous said...

I love the needlecase. Thanks for the reminder. I saw it last January and meant to try it, but forgot all about it! Yours came out great.

dp said...

Mine will be even better!

Khris said...

I am pleased to see another needlecase made from my tutorial and I love the way you have named your needles on the case. Great idea...hugs Khris in Oz