Sunday, September 28, 2008

Preparing for a Storm

Well, it's Sunday morning, and I'm working on Caitlins Halloween costume. She's going to be dracula, so I'm making a great sparkly black cape with a red lining. We cut out the fabric with my electric scissors on Thursday. So that means it's easy for me to pickup and sew the cape together.

According to the weatherman and this satelite, we're getting a tropical storm tonite. So Mert went to the cottage by himself to prepare for a big wind. We have lots of light stuff on the deck there and we would be wondering how it fared out, so he said the heck with it, I'm going down. It's only an hours drive. So I stayed back and will sew some of my little project today.

This afternoon I'm meeting with Rose, the lady from the church that I sew quilt tops for. She's the lady I deal with on behalf of the group of about a dozen quilters at the church. I sew a top every winter for them... and they quilt it and give it to the CWL to sell tickets on. Last year, I did the Burgoyne Surrounded quilt for them. I'm planning on going fabric shopping on Tuesday so I went to see these quilters on Thursday afternoon to show them various choices that I could make for them. But Rose, the head marker, wasn't there. So I'm going to see her this afternoon. She's the ringleader. She's a sweet very french lady who I've been dealing with for 7 years now. I think they are going to go with the Nines and Vines pattern that I showed you last week. I really want to make that quilt. I may get to see the Burgoyne quilt that I did for them last year. I think they will start to sell tickets on it early in October, so I think Rose is binding it now.

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dp said...

We took the cover off the deck today too. Just in case, and put all the chairs away and plants that were on the deck are now all over my livingroom, trying to figure out where to put them..

the NINES & VINES looks really hard to make... wow.. I can't believe you want to make that!