Thursday, September 25, 2008

Crazy Quilt - Week 2

I really enjoyed my week 2 class of Crazy quilting. This week as homework, I added several pieces of trim and added rouching. So this week, we learned basic stitches such as buttonhole stitch and feather stitch. I added the buttonhole stitch here, but I should not have used light thread. I think I'll take it out and use a darker thread. Also, the feather stitch is nice.. I think I should use heavier thread. I'm going to add lots more feather stitch here, but not sure if I should change weights of thread or not. I'll experiment. I'm pleased with my fine rouching of the silk ribbon - to the left. I find it a little dark, but the teacher said it'll blend in nice when I add more darker threads, flowers etc. I'm going to add about 10 lines of stitching this week and do several patches of feather stitch. I'm also going to try to do a little cluster of ribbon flowers in the white patch in the center top. And I need to figure out what I'm going to do around my little angel to highlight her. You saw her in my stitching the angel post. I laughed when one commenter on last weeks Crazy Quilt - Week 1 post, suggested that beading can be done right away. When we got to class yesterday, sure enough, 3 people just couldn't wait. They put beads on. It was funny. I told the class what my commenter said... they all got a kick out of it.

Hey Michelle P.- do you recognize the little pink piece of fabric to the far right? Actually Emily had a dress made out of it too. I'm glad I saved the little pieces.

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Anonymous said...

Your block is very pretty! I wouldn't take that stitching out. You can embellish the seams later with other colors, if you like, or beads, but those seams are just the perfect color.