Tuesday, September 30, 2008


In the past few years, I don't know why, but I don't embroider much on my Pfaff. It sews a mean straight stitch which I use daily. Well, a few embroidery opportunities came up lately and I did these embroideries in the past few days.

This little kitchen octopus is what the auction winner chose for her custom embroidered chef's apron. This is just the sample that I stitched out to make sure I had the colors right. This weekend, I'll stitch this out on the apron with the name of the cook.

These little embroideries will be perfect focus pieces on my future crazy quilted pieces. I loved doing these today and there were very few floating threads on these designs.

This topiary is 2 inches by about 3.5 inches..

This little heart is about 2 inches square. Where did that little black thread come from.. Gesh.

These 2 little pieces are the same. I used different fancy fabrics to stitch them out on. I love the soft colors.


Jill MacD said...

So pretty!
Almost makes me want to start sewing again...nah, I'll leave that to you and your sister. I'll stick with the rubber stamps.

I have gotten a TON of compliments on my juice bag! I carry my lunch bag and water bottle in it everyday. The kids in the schools are fascinated with it as much as the teachers are!

Thanks again!

Patty said...

Your work is really pretty! I love that heart.

Anonymous said...

I just *love* that heart! I want it! LOL! The pieces are all beautiful and will make great contributions to a CQ block.

bargello said...

I need to ask what stabilizer you used... there is NO puckering at all!
Great blog-I love keeping up with you (on the computer that is, not in "real life"!)