Thursday, October 2, 2008

Crazy Quilting - Week 3

Well, I didn't actually make it to my class yesterday, but I got a briefing from Linda Hubbard who teaches. So I have my homework for the week and we start on silk ribbons next week. I love the silks and can't wait to make the roses and other flowers.

So this week I tried my hand at combining stitches. Here I have a simple button hole stitch. It was too small so I added a single lazy daisy stitch to the top of every other buttonhole stitch. It still looked plain so I added 2 uneven straight stitches to act as leaves. It still looks plain. I think I'll leave it for now. I may add a few darker french knots or wait for the beading.

Remember in week 2, I had a single line of feather stitch. Well, I just added more to give this an under the sea look. I'll add a few more ribbony things with silk... I like how this is looking. The feather stitch is so forgiving and easy to layer.

So this weeks home work is to do a few lines of the rest of the basic stitches and to really spend some time looking at examples on the internet. This is one site that was recommended by Linda . If you go there, plan to burn a few hours... Man, it's an inspiring sight. She has a crazy quilt called I dropped the button box. It's got to be a world wide standard in over embellishing. I'm new to the crazy quilting world and have just gone there and I can't imagine a more inspiring site/blog. I bet all crazy quilters know her stuff already.


Mary said...

I love this embroidery! I've been doing some ribbon embroidery on a postcard tonight - I haven't done much of it but I do enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Your top seam, the buttonhole one, is lovely, just as it is. There is room for the simple, as well as the overdone, in crazy quilting. You'll find the balance that suits you. Do you know Allie's blog? And Annie in Australia?

Susan said... will give you Annie's and some other cq blogs that aren't on my webring, Around the Block (sidebar from my cq blog) Blogger isn't letting me use the open id today, so it's