Thursday, October 30, 2008

A clean up day for my sewing room

With absolutely nothing on my calendar today other than my daily walk, I decided to go upstairs and to clean up a bit in my sewing room. I went up stairs and immediately starting pulling out some Christmas fabric. It's like as soon as I got to the top of the stairs, the clean and tidying up aspect at completely vanished. So with the Christmas fabric, I tried out this Pfaff pattern for a 38" x 10" tablerunner that I got off the Pfaff website. I cut 2 sets and this is set One. I have another set almost done. I just need to applique the 2 trees. I'm trying a new applique method which sees me sewing the tree to a light stabilizer and then turning it inside out so that the edges get turned in. I used "used" dryer sheets as the light stabilizer. Then I appliqued down the trees and stars using a buttonhole stitch. I had cut lots of 2.5" squares so I made these simple placemats to go with the runner. The red binding will frame them nicely. Anyway, I think this is a great pattern and I think I might buy some good nice coordinated fabric and make a good set for me.

I have the red binding already made for these and will machine quilt and bind these this weekend. I know that some people absolutely hate binding, but I love doing the binding and seeing the project finished.

I'll have to do another clean-up day next week. :)

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