Friday, October 17, 2008

Crazy Quilt - The last class

I'm so sad that my crazy quilt classes are done. After last weeks class, our teacher gave us an address to a webstore with Stef Francis threads on sale. I hadn't tried any before but I sure am impressed with the frequent variation in the varigation which is nice for stitching. That means that you get a thread color change every couple of stitches rather than every 4 - 6 inches. I ordered other types of threads from this site also to take the max advantage of all that I could get for the minimum shipping fee. So I'm waiting patiently until they come in before I do any more stitching.

At this class we learned about beading. There are many types of beads and many ways to use them. Somebody brought in a book (sorry, I didn't write the name down) with a really sweet raspberry design. I fell in love with it, and so did others. Many of us tried it and it's definitely a keeper. Use red seed beads for raspberries, or dark purple and black for blackberries. Look at my sample... sorry for the blury picture, I'm having a hard time taking close pictures with my good camera. My little camera is on the blink.

I also finished Aurora's Raspberry Tart hat. I hope it fits her. This is a one time only hat. Too hard to do the bobbles.
I'm off to the Elm City Guild quilt show today and then to lunch with the Friday girls. I love my Fridays.
Tomorrow - I'll post my favorite quilts from the show and Monday, a visit from Grace. We have a list of things to do that includes baking muffins, sewing a craft, reading a book and making her favorite supper ... Waffles.

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dp said...

that raspberry is pretty cute, and the hat is adorable. I like waffles myself, and we had pancakes for supper this week and they were so yummy. I haven't had them in ages and it was a nice treat. we had them with "light" apple sausages... very yummy