Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Maggie and Batty

Meet Maggie and Batty.

These are 2 black webkins that belong to Mitchell. These are his favorite webkins. Ever since Bluey was here to have a visit, Mitchell wanted his webkins to come for a visit and he wants to see what they're doing by looking at my blog.

Baby Aurora loves the tags on these and she has batty by the ears. Maggie is trying to get away!

Maggie and Batty are sniffing my favorite coffee candies. I didn't think they were allowed to have candy, so grampie gave them each a dog bone. Batty didn't like it.

Guess where I found them this morning. They were playing with the threads in my sewing room. They were looking for the black thread, but this is what they found. Everything but black.

And here is Grampie taking them for a walk around the house.

I think Batty and Maggie had a pretty good visit with Grammie and Grampie, Mitchell.

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dp said...

Maggie and Batty are pretty lucky to have a nice visit at grammie and grampies... Apollo and Sirius liked to have a blog written about them too... oh my, aren't we pathetic