Saturday, October 4, 2008

Grace and Melodie

About 6 weeks ago, Grace started horse back riding lessons on Saturday mornings. She loves, loves, loves animals. It didn't take her very long to get the hang of handling such a big horse. This horse is named Melodie and lives in a stable in Keswick. She's such a gentle horse. The trainer Nicole complimented Grace on the position of her heels and her good posting. (that's the going up and down on the sadle part). Grace was practicing steering Melodie by pulling on the reigns. Boy was I impressed with this little girl. Melodie got a carrot after the practice, for doing such a good job.

So, while Grace is horseback riding, Mitchell and Caitlin stay at home and do kid stuff. On Thursdays, we take Caitlin to swim lessons, and pretty soon, Mitchell will start his Hockey practices. These kids are growing up too quick.

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dp said...

What a big horse for such a little girl.. pretty awesome job Gracie!