Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Crazy Quilt Class - Week 4 and a little Run

On my daily walk across the river, I guess it was the sunny weather, but I just felt the need to run...bum knee or not. So I did my usual walk to the bridge, but decided to run across the bridge, and then back, then finish my walk. Probably no more than 8 minutes of running, but man it felt good. Could it be that I lost a few pounds and it's not as much pressure on my knee... who knows, but like James Brown sang..... "I feel good".... so I might try it again tomorrow.

Today was week 4 at our crazy quilt class. We learned silk ribbon work. Three different roses, and leaf stitches and we were given a few bouquet patterns. A few weeks ago I bought some varigated silk ribbons from I bought 2mm, 4mm and 7mm. So today in class, we practiced on a piece so our homework is to do some on our piece. Also, the silk ribbon can be used for any of the stitches that we've been using th floss and threads to do. I love the silk threads. This stuff is adicting. I started travelling to class with half a basket... now, there's not even room for my bottle of water and apple for a snack.
So in the past week, I've taken ideas from a few places. One of my favorite lines of stitching this week was inspired by a picture I saw on Crazy Quilting for Fun. She left me a message and is very encouraging. It's the 4th picture on this page. I looked at it all week, and then I did it from memory. Mine is not as nice, but I still love it. It's my favorite thing this week. Also, I put an initial on using just a
plain outline stitch. I liked it because I had a template readily available in my sewing/craft room. The last green and pink line is one I came up with totally on my own.
Next week BEADS. I'm so excited to start adding beads, but I still have quite a bit of lines to stitch before beading.


dp said...

Hey, good for you on the running.. how's the knee... your crazy quilt looks like so much fun. And the whole process is fun. You know, getting together each week and then having homework too... and then having to blog it... ssooo fun... keep up the good work

Susan said...

I think you did a great job on your wavy seam! It's different - it's your interpretation. It looks good! Your last one is very attractive, too. I might have to steal your idea. =) I love your A! It has such personality.

I want to see your sre, too. I know you've done some. =) And beading is just the cherry on top!

You've done a wonderful job of all your class assignments. Are you hooked for life? =)