Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm so thankful for my family. Everyone is healthy and close. We had a wonderful turkey dinner yesterday with all the kids and grand kids, we had 13 around the table. I ask, what could be better? Before supper, we took all 6 kids in their new Oshkosh pj's to the Superstore Photo studio. It was fun and the photographer got a great picture of the kids. I pick up the pictures tomorrow and I can't wait to frame one. I'll show you tomorrow. Meanwhile, this is is a picture I took of the kids before leaving for the Superstore.

Also, Wade and Michele loved the cake that the kids and I made. Here is their official 10th Anniversary photo with their great kids :).

Everyone loves to play with Baby Aurora. She's very noisy now, and screams for attention. When she screams, everyone screams. She's waves hi to me now.
See those 2 teeth... she's eating lumpy food and Cheerios now too.

Mitchell brought over Maggie and Batty, his 2 favorite webkins for a visit. Now that everyone is gone home, I'll entertain these 2 for a day and show you pictures of them tomorrow. I'll give you a sneak peak of 1 picture. Mitchell, do you know where they are hiding here?

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dp said...

All your grandkids are getting big. Man, Jessica is looking like a teenager almost!
The PJs are adorable. Aurora is looking great and growing fast...