Saturday, October 11, 2008

Anniversaries for everyone.

Last month on September 11, it was Wade and Michele's 10th Wedding Anniversary. So, today, a month later mind you, the triplets helped to decorate a surprise anniversary cake for them and we'll all have to eat it tomorrow when they come for Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks to my quilter friend Valerie for the Dragee's. These little balls are hard to find. Valerie gave me some gold ones, and I had a few silver ones leftover from Carrie and Kenny's cake a couple of years ago.

And it just so happens that today is October 11th, which is Carrie and Kenny's 12th Wedding Anniversary. They are spending the evening at a nice romantic Bed and Breakfast in Millville tonite and they and the kids will be here for supper tomorrow.

Happy Anniversary to everyone.

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Anonymous said...

That cake is great! I didn't know those little balls were getting hard to find. Interesting. I used to see the silver ones a lot, but haven't looked for a long time.