Sunday, October 19, 2008

Elm City Quilt Show

Friday was a great day. I met the Friday quilters downtown for a quilty outing. We went to the Elm City Quilt show. Man, those Elm City girls have been busy and they innovative ways to create theme sections. First let me tell these gals, Great Job!! I thoroughly loved this show and I could tell alot of participation went into it.

I got there with my camera in hand and I was slowly going through and I heard this little voice, "Oh Gail, Oh Gail". I knew lots of faces at the show and since I've been travelling in quilting circles for quite a while, I wasn't surprised to hear my name being called. But I was surprised at who was calling me. It was the pack of 4 or 5 of the St. Dunstan's quilters. I never see these elderly ladies out and about, I usually only see them at church. It was fun to see them there. I introduced them to my Friday girls since they hear all about trying to decide which quilt to make them every year. When I'm at a quilt show, there's so much to look at, I get overwhelmed. I totally should have got a picture of these gals, but I didn't. Anyway, they took me around the room to show me their 3 or 4 most favorite quilts - which will be inspiration for which quilt they will pick for next year. Of course this year's quilt has been chosen, remember, it's the nines and vines that is shown here.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite picks along with the St. Dunstan's Quilters picks. Now that I look at them, they're all very traditional and scrappy.

Leave me a comment to say which one you would like to win if you purchased a raffle ticket. I'll pass the feedback on to the St. Dunstan's quilters. I need at least 10 comments for this to be an "official" poll so don't lurk, leave a comment.

From top to bottom, they are:

- Galaxy of Stars
- Apple Bars
- Geese
- Split 9 patch
- 9 Patch & Squares
- Nickel


dp said...

They're all so nice. I couldn't chose but they look really hard to make too... what a fun day you had!

dp said...

ok, now that I have had a really good look... I like the tablecloth quilt the best... the colors I think... but I also like the criss crossy stripes....

Jill MacD said...

I like galaxy of stars...but they are really all beautiful!

Jill MacD said...

I like galaxy of stars...but they are really all beautiful!

Taryn said...

I have to vote for the stars (the first one).

S said...

I really like Apple Bars (the second one) and Nickel (the last one).

Cora said...

Such nice work on your 9 patch and lines. The white background for such a design makes it sparkle. I think this is my next project - thank you for sharing.