Friday, October 24, 2008

Crazy Quilting and Sewing a raggy Jacket

This week I travelled to Cambridge Narrows to take a Raggy Jacket class with the local quilt guild. This little community is centered around a few lakes and is quite handy to our cottage. So, I consider myself an honorary member, sort of. Anyway, the day was fun and I really concentrated on sewing. It was straight stitch sewing for the most part. By the end of the day I made 2 flannel raggy jackets for Caitlin and Grace. These are similar to the raggy blankets we made for them 2 years ago. All I have left to do on these jackets is to apply the collar and do the binding. Here is Caitlin snip, snipping her jacket. It'll take me no more than a couple of hours to complete. I'll get the kids to model them later this weekend. I will be making Mitchell a sweatshirt too.

I also finished a chef's apron that was a donation to the Run for the Cure auction. The winner got to choose a design, pick out colors and I customized the design to put on the chef's apron. I hope she likes it. It's going to be a Christmas gift for a friend. It is shown here still in the hoop. See the paper draft and all the different color threads. It's times like this I'm glad to have such a big stash of thread colors. This will go to Newfoundland by mail on Monday.

I continue to work on my crazy quilt. I now have all my threads and ribbons, so I want to do a bit of work on this each evening with the intent of having it finished by mid November to show at our last quilt guild meeting before Christmas. Here is a little silk ribbon bouquet I did. It's my first time working with silk ribbon and I'm quite pleased with it. It'll sparkle when I put some beads on it. So put a note on your calendar for around Nov 15th, when I will post a picture of the whole sock - all finished.

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