Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Boys and Spiders

Mitchell came for a visit yesterday after school. He's all boy. When it came time to make cookies or do crafts, it was all about Halloween. Our cooking project was to be Spider cookies. So my sister found this link to make yummy yukky spider cookies and Mitchell was thrilled when he saw the ingredients on the island. Chocolate chips, colored mini marsh mellows, purple string licorice and smarties. All stuff he loves to eat. So we got everything ready including snipping the licorice to make the legs of the spiders. Then we started to cook and assemble. Here is Mitchell sorting out pairs of eyes to be applied to the cooled spiders.

Then he wanted to make his Mom a gift, a Halloween colors gift. So he painted up this nice pencil and pen holder. The paint was thick and we needed to blow dry the paint, just like we do at the clay cafe. We then went into the basement and got some nice pens and pencils out of Grammie's box of desk drawer stuff from when she retired. He also got some neat stuff for his sisters. A foldable hairbrush with mirror for Caitlin and a little Mexican hat for Grace, for Bluey.

My camera is playing tricks on me... Or maybe it's just me. I had nice pictures of Mitchell hamming it up for the camera while eating his waffles and a great picture of his missing tooth..... but they're gone...

While Mitchell is blow drying his craft for mom, he's holding his doggie door hanger to show you. He actually forgot that at Grammie's house, so it's hanging on her door right now. But the cat doesn't like it.

We had a very busy few hours, but we got alot done. Now grammie needs to buckle down and get some sewing done.


cpm said...

You are such a FUN Grammie! Mitchell (and all your grand-chidren) are so lucky to have you! Donna has a sweet pic of your crew on her desk! They are adorable in their matching PJ's! With Baby Aurora smiling in the middle! Loved it!

Roseanne said...

those spiders look yummy. I do cooking with my grandsons a lot to .Have a look on my blog my grandsons are there. I will come and have a look again soon.

Alycia said...

What a great idea - looks like he had a blast!!