Friday, October 31, 2008

Crazy Quilt - Winter Raspberries

I'm so loving my Crazy Quilted Christmas sock. I'm making really good progress and I'm starting to bead. I did this little Winter Raspberries motif on an empty patch. I fell in love with this little design that was in a book at my final crazy quilting class. I'm now moving on to adding beads to many of the seams. I bought the Carol Samples stitch book. I think it will be a good reference for future projects, although I find looking at fellow bloggers works most inspiring.

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LouAnne said...

Lovely motif! I answered the question you posted on my blog recently about making spiders and webs. If you go to where you commented on, you can see a couple ideas I gave you. smiles, LouAnne who found this blog in your profile, but no email address to answer you.