Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween party at work

Each year, my office holds a halloween party for the kids of the staff. Michele got the kids all dressed in their costumers, and just about dusk, we left for the spooky halls of the office. There were little games that rewarded the kids with treats. This first picture is the scariest picture with Mitchell, the Pirate making a mad face and do you see those scary teeth on the Caitlin the vampire lady. How about that sweet little Ariel, isn't she a sweet mirmaid. Only Grace has the grace to be so sweet. Darth Vader was wondering the hall and the kids talked to him all evening. He was very cool. Another little girl was so surprized to see another Ariel. She was so taken with our Ariel, so I took their picture together. The most fun was the haunted maze. The kids went in there 2 or 3 times and had to avoid scary spiders, and flying bats. But they came home happy and with lots of treats.

And the big news of the day. Mitchell lost his first tooth just this morning. He's coming over today after school, so I'll take a special picture of his missing tooth.

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dp said...

those two scary monsters in the first picture made me so scared, I had to scroll down really quickly so they would leave my screen. then I read that the mermaid was really sweet so I had to get brave and scroll back up to look. I tried really hard not to look at the scary faces and just look at the mermaid... who truly was sweet, but then by accident I looked at the scary faces again and had to run out of the room... I was sooooo scared!