Monday, September 29, 2008

Knitting up a storm

The storm took a right hand turn as it entered the bay of Fundy and therefore, we got rain, but not the big winds that were called for. It's ok to prepare for worst and hope for the best. The warm temperature is nice, even though it's misty today.

I finished Patience's green wig. It was a little complicated around the bangs and back where the decreases are. I tried it on and don't you think I look fabulous. It'll be a hoot when she wears it to her shop on Halloween.

I also started Baby Aurora's tart hat. The bobbles are a little harder than I thought. It's the decrease bobble stitch that got me. Knit 3 together is so tight... I can only get about a milimeter of my knit kneedle to go through all the stitches. Every one is a fight. So, I'll take my time with this one. I got a round of bobbles done then I had to put it down. I'll do a round of bobbles each evening..or maybe ever other evening. They're hard.

1 comment:

dp said...

OK, that green is NOT your color. But the wig is hilarious. Aurora's little bobble hat is pretty cute, but it looks like it will be small. I hope you don't go through allthat work for nothing.